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Mark for future kindergarten Required Degrees: Bachelor Degrees
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: Homeroom Teacher for K1
-English Native Speaker
-A Degree in any subject is compulsory (Education Degree or PGCE qualified preferable)-
Experience with children 18 months - 6 years
-Age of 25-45
-British and American Nationality preferable
-Present live in Thailand and available for personal interview in Bangkok
Salary & Benefits (School provided)
-Starting Salary of 50,000-60,000 THAI Baht per month
*(dependant on qualifications and experience)
-Work permit provided
-Professional Development
For more details visit our Facebook Page.
Please send your Resume , a covering letter, expected salary and photo.

Required Degrees: Bachelor degree or above-TESOL certificate
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics , Economics,English,History,PE,Arts,Science,IB
Details: Employer: International Schools in China.
School size: 100-1000 students each campus
Class size: 20-30 students per class. Teacher student ratio: 1:6
40 campuses this year in Beijing, Changsha, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guiyang, Harbin, Hefei,
Lanzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Wuhu, Shanghai and etc.
Position: Full-time Homeroom Teacher, AP / IB course English, Chemistry, Math &
Physics teachers, Art & History teachers, Social Studies teachers, Kindergarten, PE
teachers, Economics and Computer Science teachers
Location: 40 cities like Beijing/ Changsha/ Hangzhou/ Xiamen/ Guiyang/ Harbin/ Hefei
/Lanzhou/ Nanjing /Tianjin/ Wuhu and etc. and other cities
Contract duration: 1 year to 2 years (Up to employee’s choice)
Student type: Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School and
Start Date: Roling
Application Deadline: ASAP
Working Hours: Monday to Friday with regular working hours

Compensation and Benefit package
1. Very competitive salary
2. Processing Fee of Visa, Residence Permit and Foreign Expert Certificate (Including
the dependent if applicable)
3. Physical Examination costs after employee’s arrival in China.
4. One round Trip airfare reimbursement
5. Arrival transportation service between the airport and the local location.
6. Free apartment on campus/ near campus.
7. On campus lunch subsidy.
8. Paid holiday including New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, International Labor Day
(May Day), National Day and a summer holiday for 4 weeks.
9. Paid sick leave (Up to 6 days per School Year).
10. Professional development as required.
11. Metlife medical insurance
1. English native speakers
2. Bachelor degree or above.
3. TESOL certificate.
4. Applicants with recognized teacher license will be preferred.
5. Applicants with previous teaching experiences will be preferred.
6. Applicants will be responsible for the following costs upon signing the employee
Ÿ Immunizations prior to departure
Ÿ Passport
Ÿ Translation of medical documents (if required)
Ÿ Non criminal record checks, marriage certificate and dependent certificate legalized
by Chinese
Ÿ All required documents for working visa application (Must be provided within 60 days
after the contract signed)

Exact Salary: Homeroom Teacher, AP/ IB course English, Math & Physics teachers, Art
& History teachers, Social Studies teachers, Computer Science teachers starts from
RMB 20,000 /month and can be more according to applicants’ teaching experiences,
degree and recognized licenses

If you are interested, please send your resume and supportive documents.

THE QUEEN´S Required Degrees: Bachelor & TEFL, CELTA, TESOL
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: THE QUEEN’S is an ambitious English school whose purpose is to grow
capable human resource to the world. Teachers are free from traditional
frameworks. The only aim is to develop customers’ demand.Therefore,
THE QUEEN’S demands you to be creative, challenging and tolerant. Come
on, join us and enjoy!
THE QUEEN’S expects candidates to teach English in your own way based
on your knowledge and experience, to chat at the salon in order to
improve customers’ speaking skills, and to broaden your horizons in Japan
through not only customers but also visiting various places.
Candidates must have TESOL or CELTA or equivalent qualification. If you
don’t have enough experience, you need a certain training period at THE
QUEEN’S. Candidates must have at least BA degree due to work visa
Candidates also must have experience with children and teaching very
young learners.
Our students range in age from 3 year old to 60s, and in purpose from
hobby to business.
As teachers, only candidates who meet the above criteria will be
considered for the position.
Teachers’ working hour is 8 hours which lead to 40 hours a week and
teaching hour a day is up to 6 hours.Teaching hour is various in a week;
however, it is up to 6 hours a day including outside teaching, which our
staff takes you to working places.
The rest working hours are to be not only for your preparation time but
also for chatting with customers at the salon.
Teachers have an hour lunch break and eight hour working time.
We have the cozy salon open to all the customers for their English
practice but not for the lessons.
This means that the customers want to talk and absorb some knowledge
from native speakers, because they rarely have chances to have
conversation in English in their daily lives in Japan.
I hope you can accept this company philosophy.
The working day is from Tuesday to Saturday which means that Sundays
and Mondays are off.
THE QUEEN’S provide gross 250,000 yen per month including rent, gas,
electricity, and water + 25 paid holidays including sick days.
For visa concern, we are quite happy to change your tourist visa to
working visa at the immigration office.
We are happy to grant you a coming air ticket up to 50,000 yen subject to
six month completion. Of course, at the end of one year working visa, we
promise to give you a return ticket!!
We offer you flexible holiday scheduling with request in advance.
You can contact our teachers for further information.
Any free-mail is not available for both benefit.
We will have an interview by Skype video.

IINIZIO Required Degrees: Bachelors in subject you wish to teach
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Science , Math/Physics ,  
TAX FREE overseas benefits contracts in KUWAIT (Middle East) !!!

The fabulous packages is not the only reason you should apply, teaching overseas is an
amazing, life changing, exciting learning experience. The weather is beautiful for 9
months, we see rainfall for about 2 weeks a year which is one of the most attractive
features. Kuwait is an extremely family friendly close knit community of expats from all
over the world. The nationals form ONLY a very small percentage of the total population.
The schools are all independent fee paying schools chosen by the parents over excellent
free education for the standards they hold.

• Male/Female candidates with a Bachelors of education with 0 plus years of
teaching experience. Teaching certification/licence is an advantage though not
compulsory. Bachelors in any other related discipline (Maths to teach Maths , English
teach English etc ) and a Teaching Certifications and license is an advantage
• Must have native level English ability
• Due to visa restrictions, we can only accept candidates with a British / Irish /
American / Canadian / Australian / new Zealander passport which should be valid
AT LEAST for over 2.5 years from the date of application.
• For Leadership roles , it is mandatory that the candidate have a Masters Degree
in Education related discipline.

HOW TO APPLY ( please read carefully for steps to apply )
Please upload your resume(MANDATORY) with 2 references (MANDATORY), latest
photograph (MANDATORY) a teaching philosophy , cover letter(could be
interchanged with the teaching philosophy letter) at http://iinizio/signup.php
Feel free, be creative, you could also send us links to your teaching videos, any work that
you have done and are proud of, any special honors/accolades you have received from
the children you have worked with.
We look forward to sharing this wonderful adventure with you!!!

• A monthly TAX FREE basic starting salary of 700 Kuwaiti Dinars (approx. please
refer to .xe for the current conversion rates) going higher based on experience and
qualifications paid monthly in Kuwaiti Dinars.
• Free furnished utilities paid centrally air-conditioned / heated accommodation
(shared in some cases where you will still have your own bedroom only the common
areas are shared, individual in others)
• One annual return flight for the TEACHER ONLY
• Government health insurance for TEACHER ONLY
• Discounted tuition fees for dependent children studying in the same school
• End of service benefits

Golden Staffing Required Degrees: Preferred for some
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp ,  
Details: Let us prepare a place for you... 700+ jobs all over China, 14,000-40,000 RMB MONTHLY -
Fantastic jobs, visa, airport pick up, housing provided or stipend + so much more...
Hot jobs:
Job ID: LYN21
Teachers wanted for humanity courses (16K-24K RMB monthly) - 2 openings

Job Description:
1. Teach English Language Arts, Intensive Reading, Book Club and American History
2. Responsible for lesson planning as well as curriculum development
3. Help students reach their goal in learning English
4. Promote a good atmosphere during class
Benefit Package
1.16000 – 24000 RMB monthly, based on experience
2.Sponsored legal Z work visa
3. Health insurance
4.Free Chinese lessons every week
5.Airport pick-up upon arrival
During your interview, we will be happy to go into more details about the specifics...
Job requirements:
1. Native English speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland,
Australia, New Zealand or South Africa (To meet China work visa regulations)
2. Bachelor’s Degree or above and at least 2 years work experience
3. A passion for learning, teaching and meeting new people
4. Plan to live in China for at least 1 year
About us:
Based in Beijing, China. Our mission is to better prepare Chinese Secondary school
students to attend and succeed at American high schools or Universities by providing
them with a progressive and interactive, globally focused academic English curriculum.
Team members: Our Full time foreign teachers include two teachers from Oberlin
College, one teacher from UCLA and one from San Francisco State U. Our current book
club instructors include a Cornell PhD candidate in Art History, a research fellow for
Health Economics at Peking University, a Yenching Scholar of Peking University, and we
hope to add more members to our team.
Our curriculum:
English language arts is similar to the English classes in the US whose goal is to improve
student’s academic reading and academic writing abilities by teaching them important
skills such as critical thinking, inference and evidence collection.
The Intensive Reading Class guides students to read, understand, and analyze the
reading both during classroom discussion and in written homework. Classes are divided
by student reading level: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Each class is 8 weeks
long, unless otherwise stated. Class size ranges between 2 and 10 students. Students
will gain reading speed, an increased vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and a deeper
knowledge of text (both literature and language) analysis. The goal of the class is above
all to promote critical thinking, analytical skills, and understanding of the English
Language writing traditions through in-class discussion and written work.
Job ID: SU1102
Native ESL Teaching positions in Beijing
Primary school:
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.
Class size:35 students in the classroom.
Students age: 6-12 years old.
Job description: Plan the lessons and teach the students for basic works and sentence.
Encourage the students to speak better English.
Requirements: English native speakers with two year teaching experience after
TELF or TESOL for 120 hours.
Benefits: Salary 12,000- 18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
145$(1,000rmb)for visa .453$(3,000RMB)for air tickets after one year contract.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Training for teaching.
Job ID: SU1103
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 8am-5:30pm.
Class size:20 students in the classroom.
Students age: 3-5 years old.
Job conscription: Prepare the lessons and teach the kids oral English.
Requirements: English native speakers
Benefits: Salary 12,000- 18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Job ID: SU1104
Training school:
Location: near Sanyuanqiao station on line 10 in Beijing Guomao station on line1.
Schedule: Wednesday to Friday 1pm-9pm on the weekends from 11am-7pm. Less than
25 teaching hours a week..
Class size: one on one teaching or group class(less than 8 students).
Students age: Adults.
Benefits: Salary 12,000-18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays
Job ID: SU1105
Kindergarten Teaching positions in Changsha and Tianjin city.
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Class size: 20-30 students in the classroom.
Students age:3-5years old.
Requirements: English native speakers.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Free meals.
Training for teaching
Plus many more... Let us prepare a place for you...

Interlingua School Required Degrees: Bachelor’s or above
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics , ESL/EFL Teachers AND Teacher Trainer
Details: Recruitment: Ongoing
1. Native Level Fluency
2. University degree (bachelor’s or above from an English Speaking country)
3. Honesty and responsibility
4. Reference
5. TEFL, CELTA, TESOL or equivalent OR at least ONE year of ESL/EFL teaching experience.
1. A strong desire to live and work in China
2. Experience of working with children
3. Robust health
4. Ability to adapt
Required of the teacher:
-Dedication in providing good quality contractual teaching hours
-A supportive attitude to the continuing success of the school
Compensation Details:
Teacher Trainer:
Monthly Salary up to 18000 RMB, depending on the candidates education, certification, teaching
experience, length of contract and workload.
Monthly Salary up to 14000 RMB, depending on the candidates education, certification, teaching
experience, length of contract and workload.
Work Visa sponsored
1,000USD airfare allowance on the completion of contract.
Up to 2,000USD leaving bonus on the completion of contract, prorated more or less depending on
the length of contract and based on overall performance during length of contract.
Free, fully-furnished apartment is provided for single use. The teacher will pay for the utilities of
electricity, gas, and telephone.
Free internet is provided.
28 days per year annual leave (16 days school leave + 12 days public holiday).
Group medicare.
Meals are provided during work time.
2 hours of free Mandarin Chinese lessons per week.
Professional development opportunities are available throughout the semester.
Free arrival pick-up and transfer to apartment is provided for all teachers.
School Details
Interlingua is a privately owned, stable and steadily growing school that is building a very good
reputation with teachers, parents, and students and enjoys the support of the Guizhou
There are five locations of the school, Zunyi and Guiyang (Guiyang, Zhaiji,Jinyang and Xiaohe) in
Guizhou Province, which is a travel hub for SE Asia and SW China.
With an enrollment of nearly 2000 learners, Interlingua School utilizes proven teaching
methodology to fully engage learners in the learning process.
Interlingua School is growing to meet the English learning needs in Guizhou
Interlingua School has grown to meet the English Language learning needs of the ever-changing
face of Guizhou. We are a private educational institution accredited by the Guizhou Educational
Committee with the right to hire foreign English Teachers. Our English teaching staff is made up of
native level English speaking professionals that are certified by the Guizhou government as being
foreign language experts.
Great learning and teaching environments
Interlingua School provides a supportive English Language learning environment that draws
students and faculty together with a nurturing spirit in the pursuit of knowledge. We seek to serve
Chinese society by promoting students learning potential, and preparing them to pursue academic
and professional success.

Required Degrees: bachelor’s degree or higher
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: Immediate job opening, great compensation package, chance to see the world!
Doyen Education is looking for a native English speaker to fill a vacant teaching position in China
by March 1st. The position is with an international preschool with children ranging in age from 0-6
years old. The majority of children for this role will be 0-3. Due to the young age of the children for
this position, only female candidates will be considered at the request of the school campus.
Campus is in the city of Chengdu which is one of the largest cities in Western China with a
population of 14.5 million. Chengdu is famous for its spicy food and Giant Panda breeding
Doyen Holdings Group Co., Ltd. has 7.8 billion USD in assets and 3.1 billion USD in yearly
revenue. Doyen currently employees 15,000 people in various industries throughout China.
2017 marked Doyen’s entrance into the education market with the founding of Doyen Education
which is headquartered in Beijing, China. It focuses on preschool education (0-6 years old). There
are already over 40 campuses across China catering to the educational needs of Chinese and
expatriate families with international and bilingual classes.
Requirements for the English teacher position:
• Native English speaker from US, Canada, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Australia, or New
• One of the following education and experience combinations
o Bachelor’s degree in any subject with 2 years of work experience in any field since graduating
from college
o Bachelor’s degree with an English or Education major plus TEFL/TESOL certification.
TEFL/TESOL certification can be obtained via a 120 hour online course
o Master’s degree
Things you’ll need:
• Passport with at least at least 1 year remaining until it expires
• Proof of degree via your diploma or a certified copy of it
• Certified criminal background check from your local police department
Work Responsibilities:
• The work day is 8 hours plus a 1 hour lunch break 5 days a week
o 2-3 hours actively teaching
o 5-6 hours supervising children
• Follow guidance of lead teacher and principal
• Prepare teaching materials based on the provided curriculum
• Participate in development events, campus marketing, and demonstration classes
• Participate in company training
• Maintain a professional relationship with students, parents, and the public
Compensation Package:
• Salary: 10K-15K RMB/month depending on qualifications and experience
o Taxes will be around 500 RMB/month, approximately 78 USD
• Housing allowance: 5K RMB/month
o This amount will not be taxed
• Performance bonus: 1K RMB/month
o While this bonus is not guaranteed it is reliably common
• Annual bonus: 10K RMB/year
o This amount is pro-rated depending on your arrival relative to when the annual bonus is
• Flight reimbursement: 6K RMB
• Comprehensive health insurance
• Visa sponsorship
• 3 Weeks paid summer vacation
• 2 Weeks paid winter vacation during Christmas
• Paid Chinese holidays throughout the year which add up to about 2-3 weeks.
TOTAL financial package for a 1 year contract is 208K to 268K RMB
• A total of approximately 2 months of paid vacation distributed throughout the year
• Full health coverage.
• Visa sponsorship

Prudential First Education Required Degrees: Bachelor’s degree is a must.
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , French , Spanish , Science ,  
Details: Teaching positions.
Early childhood, Primary, Middle, and High School teacher.
Principal, VP, Curriculum developer, Student counselor. French teacher, Music teacher,
IT teacher, Design teacher. Film Teacher, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry,
Must have relevant experience.
$2300 - $4300 USD net per month. Depending on Education, experience, and position.
Must have a bachelor’s degree.
Must have a minimum of two year teaching experience in the field applying for.
IB program experience is preferred.
Furnished apartment
Airfare round trip
Baggage allowance
Medical insurance
Contract renewal bonus
Year-round pay with summer off.
Destination to Istanbul Airfare
Work/residence permit
All positions are for Sept. 2018-2019 academic year. A few immediate openings. Please let us
know if you’re available immediately.
Please forward your updated resume/cv.
Please add a recent picture to your resume.
Good Luck!

M.I.S.A. Required Degrees: University
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: We are currently looking to fill a number of positions at our KG campuses in Yangon and Mandalay. If
you have experience taking care of young learners, and are eager to teach and help develop local
teachers’ skills, please send us your CV.
Package includes air fare, housing allowance and attractive salary.

Examine all 2 ads by this employer

Red Brick Education Required Degrees: Bachelor Degree or above in related subject
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Kindergarten and Primary School Homeroom Teachers
Details: Qualifications
English Native Teachers only
Two years post graduate teaching experience at least;
• A good degree from an established university
• PGCE or other equivalent teacher certificate preferred

Personal Qualities
• Ability to inspire children with a love of learning
• Ability to stretch the most able children, whilst also ensuring the curriculum is accessible to all
• Willingness to contribute to all aspects of school life
• Strong personal-relations and team-working skills
• Ability to use ICT to enhance learning
• Good administrative and organizational abilities
• Good communication skills
• Ability to understand the needs,challenges and opportunities of an
international school community
• Rigorous can-do attitude
• Positive team player with a sense of humour
1. Annual Salary: Very competitive ;
2. Expatriate medical insurance coverage
3. A bonus will be payable on completion of your initial two years contract (irrespective of
whether you wish to renew or not).
4. A renewal Bonus will be paid when you complete your initial 2-year contract and then renew
for a second two-year contract.
5. Visa, work permit and resident’s card sponsorship-for each of you and for immediate family
6. Housing allowance of 7000-8000 RMB per month;
7. Heating allowance (up to one month’s housing allowance with places where government
heating is not provided)
8. City allowance of RMB 1500 per month;
9. Temporary accommodation on arrival for ten days
10. One-off relocation reimbursement, up to RMB 5000;
11. One-off excess baggage reimbursement, up to RMB 4000;
12. Airfare reimbursement in relation to outward travel at the beginning of your period of
employment, up to RMB 6000- for each of you and for immediate family dependents;
13. Airfare reimbursement for annual leave, up to RMB 8000 – for each of you and for immediate
family dependents;
14. Entitlement to enjoy the Staff children’s tuition benefit plan at the school at which you are employed, on the basis of 100% fee remission for all immediate legally dependent children;

English Canada Recruitment Required Degrees: TEFL Certificate or Diploma
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp , ESL and all other subjects
Details: We have many teaching positions in the biggest cities in South Korea, Busan, Daegu and
We are looking for a top notch candidates for the ESL teaching positions that we have in
South Korea, especially Busan, Daegu and Seoul metropolitan.
These are three most exciting cities in Korea. The people are warm, beaches are
awesome, sights are magnificent and shopping is amazing.
If you are interested in Busan, Daegu or Seoul positions
Please send your resume and photo.
1. Possible beginning date:
2. Date of Birth:
3. Preferred area: Busan, Daegu, Seoul
4. Documents:
a. TEFL Certificate or Diploma
b. Criminal Record check

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Teach in China: RAY English is here for you!

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Primary School Teacher - Virtual School

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English Language Teacher

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Homeroom teacher for K.1

Homeroom teacher for K.1 -

ESL Trainer

ESL Trainer -

Native Speaking Teachers Needed

Native Speaking Teachers Needed -

Great English teaching job

Great English teaching job -

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Primary Homeroom Teacher(50k-75k dollars per year)

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English teachers - All over Colombia -

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Pre-school to university positions available!ASAP!

Pre-school to university positions available!ASAP! -

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High-paid Teacher jobs in Beijing - all Subjects

High-paid Teacher jobs in Beijing - all Subjects -

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ESL/EFL Teachers AND Teacher Trainer

ESL/EFL Teachers AND Teacher Trainer -



Teacher of English as a Foreign LANGUAGE

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High School Coordinator

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Head of School-Secondary

Head of School-Secondary -

Teaching English from primary to high school

Teaching English from primary to high school -

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Elementary Teachers, and English

Elementary Teachers, and English -

Online Tutor for Young Children - $18-$22/hr


University Faculty Needed for Sept 2018!

University Faculty Needed for Sept 2018! -

English Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

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