International Alliance of Teachers & Employers USA  32,362 CA  11,317 UK  13,778 AU  5,037 NZ  2,103 Others  46,332 Hired  28,091
LTTC China Branch Required Degrees: No degree request
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , University , University , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: We have opportunities across China for ESL,PE, Literature
,Social science, Economics,Science(Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Biology), Psychology, Music,
Arts,Computer,and all other subjects teachers in schools and language
institutions with good benefits.Teaching experience and degree is not a must.

1)Public and private international school
 (Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle Schools, high schools ).
2)Language institution

Location: Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Beijing,Shanghai ,Chengdu,Changsha
 and other main cites of China.

Student Ages: Kindergarten students: 3- 6 years old;Elementary School 7-
12 years old; Middle School 12-15 years old, High school 15-
18 yrs old ;university students 19-22 years old.

Work Hours:40 hours per week, 2 days off
Up to 24 Class Hours per week (Each Class Hour approx. 45 Minutes)

Number of Schools with Availability: 20

Report Date:ASAP,or Feb.,2018 or Aug.,2018

RMB 15000  to 30,000 up to your experience and qualification.The more ESL experience
and qualification you have, the greater the offer.
Free accommodation/house allowance
Full paid holiday
Working visa
Annual flight reimbursement.

1. Native English Speakers from UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland;
Qualified non-native teachers  also considered.
2. No degree and teaching experience required.
However holding bachelors degree or higher , and with over 2 yrs working experience
3.TEFL & TESOL or equivalent certificates holder.
 Certified teachers in your country prefer;

To apply, please email your resume/CV, passport copy, degree copy, teaching certificate
 copy to us.
Interviews will be conducted over Skype, immediate start dates. 

Alfie's Academy
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Summer Camp ,  
Details: About Alfie’s Academy:
Alfie’s is the job that you have been dreaming of. We apply a more human and friendly style of
management and operating philosophy than you may previously be familiar with. Our teachers are
what make us successful, so we value our teacher’s morale, and happiness. Happy teachers
perform better, and this is what makes Alfie’s different from many ESL jobs.
Our staff, our students and our customers/parents all chose Alfie’s because this is where they are
The Opportunity:
We are looking for 3 AMAZING teachers who want to have fun at work, and enjoy their free time
after work. Happiness and satisfaction are our priorities. If you are happy and satisfied you will
provide the best service possible.
We want the teacher and the students to have fun in class. We want teachers who truly enjoy
working with kids and making funny sounds, singing funny songs and performing funny dances.
The teacher sets the mood and style of the lesson, and we want you to lead by a fun, pleasant
You will be welcomed into a close-knit and supportive team who work together to provide an
effective and vibrant learning environment for young learners.
We encourage individuality and creativity in the way lessons are delivered. We actually want you to
express yourself through the lesson, and we allow for a lot of personal freedom and individuality.
The students will recognize your sincerity and respond in kind.
You will not find a more generous package in the China ESL industry. We want to attract and retain
the best of the best, and this is why we pay a generous salary as well as other generous benefits…if
you are happy, you will work harder, longer and stronger.
Panjin is a nice modern city, but it is not as big as Beijing, Shanghai, London or New York. This
makes it easier to live in and manage. Housing is affordable, which is why teachers get a GREAT
single/non shared, fully furnished apartment with all expenses paid.
Food and shopping are more affordable here than in larger/major cities. We have a nice life here
and we want to share it with you.
Compensation Package (Up to 25,000 RMB per month):
-Salary: 17,000-22,000 RMB monthly, based on experience and qualifications
-Salary Advance: 6,000 RMB (available)
-Performance Bonus: Up to 3,000 RMB per month after 6 months
-Flight Allowance: Up to 6,000 RMB annual flight allowance on contract completion
-Visa: Sponsored legal Z work visa, Foreign Expert Certificate and residence permit
-Health Insurance: Provided - choose from three packages
-Vacation: 14 days of paid school holidays plus 11 national holidays
-Other perks:
· Free non-shared accommodation close to work, nicely furnished, internet and utilities included
· Contract completion bonus 6,000 RMB
· Contract renewal bonus 6,000 RMB
· Full orientation, ongoing training and development
· Airport pickup upon arrival
· Free Mandarin Chinese lessons
· Promotion opportunities
· Alfie’s sponsored social and cultural events
Main Responsibilities:
-Maximum of 40 working hours per week (20~25 teaching hours)
Your main responsibility will be to produce students who can read, speak and understand the
English language. The method and materials that you use will differ from teacher to teacher
depending on your individual personalities and preferences. A successful result is more important
than the method used.
We provide quality materials and curricula; however we are always open to new ideas, methods
and materials. You will be happy here.
-Native English speakers (from the UK, Canada, the USA)
-Minimum two year teaching and lesson planning experience, preferably with young learners.
-Bachelor’s degree or extensive teaching experience
-CELTA or TEFL/TESOL certificate
-Ability to commit to a 12-month contract
-Must be energetic and fun and love children, we play a lot and you must be willing to be silly and
play with the kids
-Extremely friendly, patient and punctual personality
-Excellent written and verbal communication skills
-Should be able to provide a clear background check
How to Apply:
We currently have three teaching positions available and we are looking to fill these positions
Please send us the following
-Recent head shot
-Degree & TEFL certificates (scan)
-Passport photo page (scan)
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing
from you.

I Can Read Required Degrees: Bachelor and Above
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: English Teachers - Chongqing, Dalian, Changchun, Nantong, Xiamen, Xi’An
You will be teaching English Proficiency and Literacy skills to children between the ages of 2.5 and
13 years using the I Can Read system.
I Can Read is an International Literacy based learning organisation head-quartered in Singapore.
Alongside Singapore we also have a growing presence in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia,
Hong Kong and China.
We are looking for Native English speaking Teachers, with Bachelor Degrees, a 120 hour ESL
qualification and classroom teaching experience, willing to sign a one year contract. All teachers
will work 5 days per week with two consecutive (unchanging) days off per week. Please note that
due to the nature of the business all teachers will most likely teach on weekends.
Compensation depends on qualifications and experience, however in general;
• Monthly Base Salary – 15,000 - 20,000 CYN
• Accommodation: Provided or a monthly allowance
• Contract Completion Bonus – 1 month base salary
• Airfare reimbursement on completion of contract – 6,500 CYN
• 10 days paid Annual Leave plus all China’s National Holidays
• Airport collection
• Company provided accommodation on arrival – 14 nights
• 5-7 day company provided training and induction
• Work Visa – provided
• Career development
• Opportunities to relocate internationally
If you meet our criteria and are interested in applying please send the following;
- Current CV or Resume in Word Format.
- A cover letter stating why you are interested in the position
- A recent Photo.
Please note that due to the anticipated level of interest in this role, we regret that we will only make
contact with those applicants we wish to interview.
Please also note that we can only make offers of employment to teachers likely to be granted a
Work Permit to work in China.

Online ESL Kidz Coach
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Native English Speaker ONLY! - US/Canada/UK/ ONLY!
Details: Help A Teacher Make a Difference
Landi & Online ESL Kidz Coach are Teaming up to Help Teachers
For Every Teacher that Signs Up and Teaches with Landi via the Referral Page Below that teacher
will get my Online ESL Mentoring Program Plus I will train 2 additional teacher.
Help Make An Impact Sign Up with Landi Today!
Landi are hiring English teachers!! $18-$25 per hour.
Landi Subject English is HIRING Home-based Online English Teachers!
Landi aims to motivate young students from age 4 to 8. Landi has within it the essential element of
Peer Study as a student-centered teaching philosophy, which has various facets that enhance a
student’s learning experience; facets such as peer tutoring, peer modeling, and peer assessment.
All Applicants MUST:
ØExcellent communication and interpersonal skills; patient, energetic and creative
ØWell-organized and committed
ØNative Speakers from the UK, the US, and Canada
ØStable working hours; Minimum of 12 hours per week (peak hour: 6-10 p.m. GMT+8)
ØProficiency in using a computer and general computer software
ØDesktop computer/laptop
ØWired DSL Internet Connection – upload 2 Mbps, download 2 Mbps
ØHeadset and HD webcam
ØA quiet, bright, orderly and clean teaching environment
Help Make An Impact Sign Up with Landi Today!
ØProven experience as an ESL/EFL teacher
ØDegree in teaching or in a specialized subject with a certificate in education (Desirable)
ØCELTA/TESOL/TEFL certificate or equivalent, or Licensed English Teacher (Desirable)
**If you have teaching experience you don’t need a Degree or CELTA/TESOL/TEFL***
Applicants who meet one of the tree core requirements (teaching experience, Degree, or
CELTA/TESOL/TEFL) will get the chance to have an interview.
**However, applicants with a non-highly relevant degree may not be guaranteed an interview.**
Help Make An Impact Sign Up with Landi Today!
FAQ’s Below:
What is the application process like?
Submission of resume > CV screening (up to 2 days) > Interview & Demo lesson (1 -1.5 hour) >
Sign Contract(up to 2 days) > Training (up to 3 days)>Orientation+Profile Complete > Start
teaching with Landi.
Complete and submit an online application. Have an interview with a member of the recruiting
department for about 40 minutes.
Complete all of the required training.
How long does the contract last for?
Teachers are provided with a half-a-year contract.
Where does the interview happen?
The interview happens on Skype. After you confirm a time, you will need to add the recruiter’s
Skype account before the interview begins. Make sure to test your equipment beforehand; part of
the interview is to evaluate if your Internet is capable of maintaining a stable internet connection
with Chinese servers.
What qualities are expected of a candidate in the demo lesson?
1.Be able to give instructions to beginner level students
2.Be able to provide an energetic learning atmosphere
3.Good personal quality, body language & realia
4.Appropriate Language, praise and correction.etc.
What is the expected hourly rate for teachers?
Teachers joining the Landi program can expect to earn between $18 - $25 usd/hour. The final start
rate depends on teacher’s demo class performance and ESL teaching experience.
How much tax do I have to pay?
Taxable salary depends upon the country you are in. Teachers are fully responsible for covering
any tax payment requested by your government.
When and how will teachers be paid?
Teachers are paid via direct bank transfer between 10th-15th of each month. The pay period starts
on the first day of last month to the last day of last month.
Will teachers receive monthly and annual paystubs?
Yes, monthly pay stubs will be sent the same day you receive your pay. Annual pay stubs are not
be sent unless specifically requested by the teacher.
How many students are there in each class?
Landi regular class is 1 to 2 and 25-minutes long.
Do I need to prepare teaching materials?
No, both student’s book and teacher’s book are provided by our in-house curriculum team.
What platform is used for teaching?
Landi teaching platform.
If one of my scheduled students are late, should I start the class on time or wait for the other
If you have at least one student present, start at the scheduled class time.
What can I do when students cannot understand even basic words?
Most of Landi students are beginner young learners. When working with this level of students,
teachers will have to focus less on giving verbal instructions but more on TPR and demonstration.
Help Make An Impact Sign Up with Landi Today!

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Interlingua School Required Degrees: Bachelor’s or above
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics , ESL/EFL Teachers AND Teacher Trainer
Details: Recruitment: Ongoing
1. Native Level Fluency
2. University degree (bachelor’s or above from an English Speaking country)
3. Honesty and responsibility
4. Reference
5. TEFL, CELTA, TESOL or equivalent OR at least ONE year of ESL/EFL teaching experience.
1. A strong desire to live and work in China
2. Experience of working with children
3. Robust health
4. Ability to adapt
Required of the teacher:
-Dedication in providing good quality contractual teaching hours
-A supportive attitude to the continuing success of the school
Compensation Details:
Teacher Trainer:
Monthly Salary up to 18000 RMB, depending on the candidates education, certification, teaching
experience, length of contract and workload.
Monthly Salary up to 14000 RMB, depending on the candidates education, certification, teaching
experience, length of contract and workload.
Work Visa sponsored
1,000USD airfare allowance on the completion of contract.
Up to 2,000USD leaving bonus on the completion of contract, prorated more or less depending on
the length of contract and based on overall performance during length of contract.
Free, fully-furnished apartment is provided for single use. The teacher will pay for the utilities of
electricity, gas, and telephone.
Free internet is provided.
28 days per year annual leave (16 days school leave + 12 days public holiday).
Group medicare.
Meals are provided during work time.
2 hours of free Mandarin Chinese lessons per week.
Professional development opportunities are available throughout the semester.
Free arrival pick-up and transfer to apartment is provided for all teachers.
School Details
Interlingua is a privately owned, stable and steadily growing school that is building a very good
reputation with teachers, parents, and students and enjoys the support of the Guizhou
There are five locations of the school, Zunyi and Guiyang (Guiyang, Zhaiji,Jinyang and Xiaohe) in
Guizhou Province, which is a travel hub for SE Asia and SW China.
With an enrollment of nearly 2000 learners, Interlingua School utilizes proven teaching
methodology to fully engage learners in the learning process.
Interlingua School is growing to meet the English learning needs in Guizhou
Interlingua School has grown to meet the English Language learning needs of the ever-changing
face of Guizhou. We are a private educational institution accredited by the Guizhou Educational
Committee with the right to hire foreign English Teachers. Our English teaching staff is made up of
native level English speaking professionals that are certified by the Guizhou government as being
foreign language experts.
Great learning and teaching environments
Interlingua School provides a supportive English Language learning environment that draws
students and faculty together with a nurturing spirit in the pursuit of knowledge. We seek to serve
Chinese society by promoting students learning potential, and preparing them to pursue academic
and professional success.

Online ESL Kidz Coach
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , From the US or Canada
Details: Best Learning Teach English in China
Teach English in China! Up to US$40,000 per Year with Health Insurance, airfare and other
If you are looking for international traveling experience, a chance to learn Chinese and an
opportunity to work in a cross-cultural working environment with competitive salary, THIS IS IT! We
are recruiting teachers to teach our classes in China or teach online.
Best Learning is one of the most recognized language schools in China. Teachers will teach
English through various subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading. We are
hiring responsible and charismatic ESL, TEFL, and TESOL teachers to fill positions in one of our
many schools. Currently, we have openings in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. We also have
some online positions as well.
About the Teacher Position
Position: full-time
Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen or online
Contract duration: 6 months minimum, 12 months preferred; with possibility to renew
Class size for on-site classes: 10 to 15 students
Chinese teaching assistant working with you in the classroom (less stress)
Curriculum development provided by our academic department (less preparation work)
Start Date: Anytime
No more than 40 total working hours per week
Teacher Salary/Benefits
Monthly income: Depending on your qualification, if you teach in our schools in China, you can
earn RMB 14,000~ RMB 21,000 per month (approximately US$2,133~US$3,200), the income
includes base salary, teaching hour income and housing allowance.
Paid Health Insurance (for teachers in China only)
Up to 10,000 RMB airfare reimbursement if 12 months on-site teaching contract is fulfilled
(approximately US$1,635)
6,000RMB Annual completion bonus if 12 months on-site teaching contract is fulfilled
(approximately US$980)
Vacations in Winter and Summer
15 days free hotel accommodation upon arrival
Free TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course
Taxi reimbursement from the airport upon the first arrival
On-going training
Relocation assistance
Chinese language study opportunities
Primary language: English
From US or Canada
Required Documents for Application:
Your Skype ID
Other documents could be requested once you pass the first interview.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Job Type: Full-time

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Action English Required Degrees: Bachelor
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: Action English School in Lianyungang, China has recently opened its fifth school and is
looking to hire new teachers for its new term. Located on the coast of Jiangsu Province,
Lianyungang is both a genuine working city where you can immerse yourself in Chinese
culture, featuring attractions such as: Lian Dao Island Beach Resort Fruit Flower
Mountain (Hua Guo Shan - Home of the legendary ”Monkey King” from the epic novel
”Journey to the West” Traditional street BBQ, Chinese, Ethnic Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, Italian and Western Restaurants Newly opened Wanda Plaza Four Star Sofitel
hotel, restaurants and facilities New Suning and Wanda Shopping Plazas with major
international brands Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Fish N Chips, Watsons etc Golf
Courses, sports facilities, cinemas, museums Easy access to major cities such as
Beijing, Shanghai and the beer capitol Qingdao! And Lots More!!!
Our schools offer a relaxed working atmosphere and we provide all necessary teaching
materials for classes, using one of the best curricula available. Our student body
primarily consists of Elementary school students, as well as some Middle and High
school students. We also teach Kindergarten and adult students, plus IELTS, lifestyle
classes and external classes at various businesses. If you don’t have any previous
teaching experience and are happy with a flexible working schedule, this is a great job to
get a taste of teaching several different levels of students.
In addition to teaching, there are opportunities to share your ideas and help develop our
school in other areas of special interest. Due to government requirements and the
SAFEA’s working visa issuing legislation, to apply for these positions, you must:
Be a native English speaker from Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or a
native of France, Spain, Germany or Italy.
Hold a Bachelor’s Degree or above
Have two years working experience (in any field)
It is also desirable that you:
Have a TEFL/COEFL/CELTA or DELTA Enjoy teaching and working with children Be
patient and understanding of working with people of a different culture Have a l desire to
experience a new culture as it really is!
Be available to work as soon as possible Be available to work 26 hours per week and be
flexible due to the ever changing needs of ESL teaching.
We can offer you:
A 12 Month employment contract
10,000RMB-13,000RMB monthly salary dependant on location (Negotiable depending on
Accommodation provided
Flight allowance 8,000 RMB
Contract re-signing bonus
14 days of paid vacation
Orientation Assitants
Medical Insurance
E Bike
Free accommodation
Free Chinese lessons (2 hours/week)

Required Degrees: Bachelor degree or above-TESOL certificate
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics , Economics,English,History,PE,Arts,Science,IB
Details: Employer: International Schools in China.
School size: 100-1000 students each campus
Class size: 20-30 students per class. Teacher student ratio: 1:6
40 campuses this year in Beijing, Changsha, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guiyang, Harbin, Hefei,
Lanzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Wuhu, Shanghai and etc.
Position: Full-time Homeroom Teacher, AP / IB course English, Chemistry, Math &
Physics teachers, Art & History teachers, Social Studies teachers, Kindergarten, PE
teachers, Economics and Computer Science teachers
Location: 40 cities like Beijing/ Changsha/ Hangzhou/ Xiamen/ Guiyang/ Harbin/ Hefei
/Lanzhou/ Nanjing /Tianjin/ Wuhu and etc. and other cities
Contract duration: 1 year to 2 years (Up to employee’s choice)
Student type: Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School and
Start Date: Roling
Application Deadline: ASAP
Working Hours: Monday to Friday with regular working hours

Compensation and Benefit package
1. Very competitive salary
2. Processing Fee of Visa, Residence Permit and Foreign Expert Certificate (Including
the dependent if applicable)
3. Physical Examination costs after employee’s arrival in China.
4. One round Trip airfare reimbursement
5. Arrival transportation service between the airport and the local location.
6. Free apartment on campus/ near campus.
7. On campus lunch subsidy.
8. Paid holiday including New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, International Labor Day
(May Day), National Day and a summer holiday for 4 weeks.
9. Paid sick leave (Up to 6 days per School Year).
10. Professional development as required.
11. Metlife medical insurance
1. English native speakers
2. Bachelor degree or above.
3. TESOL certificate.
4. Applicants with recognized teacher license will be preferred.
5. Applicants with previous teaching experiences will be preferred.
6. Applicants will be responsible for the following costs upon signing the employee
Ÿ Immunizations prior to departure
Ÿ Passport
Ÿ Translation of medical documents (if required)
Ÿ Non criminal record checks, marriage certificate and dependent certificate legalized
by Chinese
Ÿ All required documents for working visa application (Must be provided within 60 days
after the contract signed)

Exact Salary: Homeroom Teacher, AP/ IB course English, Math & Physics teachers, Art
& History teachers, Social Studies teachers, Computer Science teachers starts from
RMB 20,000 /month and can be more according to applicants’ teaching experiences,
degree and recognized licenses

If you are interested, please send your resume and supportive documents.

Online ESL Kidz Coach Required Degrees: BA degree or higher
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Native English Speaker ONLY! - US/Canada
Details: Help A Teacher Make a Difference
Sign Up with VIPKID and Get the Online ESL Mentoring Program at no cost.
For Every Teacher that Signs Up and Teaches with VIPKID via my Referral Link that teacher will
get my Online ESL Mentoring Program Plus I will train 1 additional teacher.
Help Make An Impact Sign Up for VIPKID Today!
The Basics of the Online English Teacher Role:
- The classes: 25-minute full immersion English language, 1-on-1 classes
- The pay: Depends on your experience, but as reported on Indeed, averages around $9.5 per 25-
minutes class, i.e.$19/hour
- The curriculum: U.S. Common Core aligned lesson material, designed by our in-house curriculum
- Time of day: You choose your schedule from available class slots; peak student demand hours
are listed below
- Location: Conveniently teach remote from your own home - no commute!
- What you need: You only need is computer, a strong internet connection, and a headset
- Benefits: Learn best online teaching experiences from our professional team at no cost
- The culture: You will learn about Chinese culture, families, and lifestyle through classroom
exchanges with our students
Contract type: Independent contractor
Start date: Immediately
Peak times: The following hours tend to be the most requested time periods to teach for our
- Monday-Sunday 6-10am EST
- Saturday-Sunday 9pm-10am EST
Requirements and Qualifications to become an Online English Teacher/Online ESL Teacher:
- BA degree or higher
- Experience with any kind of teaching (1+ years)*
- Eligible to legally work in the U.S. or Canada
- Desire to engage and inspire young learners
*Note on Teaching Experience: This can include educators, professors, tutors, teaching assistants,
elementary teachers, traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or
alternative education.
While helpful, there’s no requirement for a teaching certificate, state certification, TESOL, TEFL, or
ESL experience. All classes and business are conducted in English.
Other experience you may have that are not requirements, but are preferred:
- Online English Education / Educator / Online English Teaching / Online Instructor
- Home-Based Online English Teacher / Online English Tutor / Online English Tutoring
- Online English Teacher Assistant / Online English Elementary Teacher
- Summer Teacher / Casual Teacher / Assistant Teacher / Teaching Assistant
- Elementary School Teacher / High School Teacher
- Substitute Teacher / Teacher Assistant / Lead Teacher

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Online ESL Kidz Coach
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Native English Speaker ONLY! - US/Canada/UK/AU
Details: Magic Ears are hiring English teachers!! $20-$26 per hour.
(Depending on your qualifications and experience)
We are an online tutoring company based in China and we’re looking for new teachers to join us.
You will teach English to adorable Chinese students aged 5-12 in 1-4 group lessons.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a fantastic company! Perfect for anyone looking for part-
time work from the comfort of your own home.
There is little to no planning required as all of the classes are prepared for you and you will teach
using our innovative online classroom. You will be fully trained in our teaching methods and how to
use the classroom platform.
Our requirements:
• Native English Speaker from the USA or Canada (Preferred)
• Native English Speaker from UK/Australia (Considered)
• A Bachelor Degree isn’t required.
( Teaching certificate or experience in this field would be sufficient)
• Teaching experience or A teaching certificate or relevant education
• A computer with webcam + headset with microphone
• Stable internet connection
• Can I work for another Online ESL Company?
It is OK. No Problem.
Magic Ears are hiring English teachers!! $20-$26 per hour.
(Depending on your qualifications and experience)
We are an online tutoring company based in China and we’re looking for new teachers to join us.
You will teach English to adorable Chinese students aged 5-12 in 1-4 group lessons.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a fantastic company! Perfect for anyone looking for part-
time work from the comfort of your own home.
There is little to no planning required as all of the classes are prepared for you and you will teach
using our innovative online classroom. You will be fully trained in our teaching methods and how to
use the classroom platform.
Classes are available at 6.30pm - 9 pm every day and 10 am - 11.30am at the weekend/Chinese
holidays (Beijing time). Choose your own flexible schedule from the available slots.

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Red Chair Recruitment Required Degrees: University Degree along with Teaching Licences
Fields of Expertise: Nursery , Elementary , Kindergarten , Science , Math/Physics , Physical Education, Special Education Needs
Details: Red Chair Recruitment are presently recruiting for Teachers to work at a school in Jeddah, Saudi
Arabia for the Academic Year 2018 - 2019.
The school in question is managed by a Swedish based, international Education company that
operates schools around the world. The School in Jeddah, will deliver the Cambridge International
Syllabus to its students.
The faculty in question is a new School which is oversubscribed with extensive waiting lists for
admittance to the school, which also boasts exceptional facilities to its students and teachers alike.
2018 – 19 will be the schools third year of operation.
The school will be shortly moving to a state of the art, purposely built campus and to support this
move, my clients require a number of teachers:
• Early Years Teachers ( Kindergarten)
• Primary / Elementary Teachers
• PE Teachers
• Art Teachers
• SEN Teachers
If you are a teacher looking to enhance your skill set of working in a learning environment that
requires cultural connectivity and ESL differentiated delivery, then this is an opportunity to exploit
the potential of an invaluable grounding of international education. Working with local children is a
very rewarding and unique experience. You will have strong attributes in regards to creativity,
international social awareness, independence, patience and resilience; the teacher will deliver
outstanding teaching and learning and therefore help students achieve excellent academic results,
and will be a role-model to the School.
In addition to being a qualified teacher with up-to-date relevant curriculum knowledge, the
successful candidate will:
• Hold qualifications and passport from USA, Ireland, Canada, UK, South Africa, New Zealand and
Australia ONLY. Please note no other nationalities will be considered because of visa restrictions in
Saudi Arabia
• Be passionate about young people and education and be able to engage a motivate students,
based on high expectations;
• Hold a degree and Qualified Teacher Status or equivalent;
• Show commitment to the principle that all children can achieve beyond what they previously
thought possible;
• Skilfully use planning and assessment to match learning to individual learner need;
• Engage in the whole school, through form tutoring, extra-curricular activity and learning outside
the classroom, as well as within;
• Seek to consistently improve her own practice through Continuous Professional Development;
• Promote the wider aspirations and values of the school;
• Have at least three years’ experience in teaching (essential for visa regulation although please do
ask if unsure) since qualification;
• Qualifications and passport holders MUST be from USA, Ireland, Canada, UK, South Africa, New
Zealand and Australia ONLY. Please note no other nationalities will be considered because of visa
restrictions in Saudi Arabia
• Arabic Speakers highly sought
• A TAX FREE salary of 140 – 187,000 SAR ( $37 – 50,000 USD, $47-62,000 CAD, £28-
38,000GBP, €32-42,000 EURO, $52-70,000 NZD, $48-64,000 AUD, 506-677,000 Rand)
Dependant on qualifications and experiences
• Western Compound housing including all utility bills free of charge
• Medical Insurance
• Flights
• Extensive holidays
• Renewable one year contracts
Please Note: For cultural reasons in Saudi Arabia the position on offer is reserved for female
applicants only at this time.
If you have the above qualifications and requirements and you wish to apply for these positions
please forward on your CV and supporting documents.
We Get People,
Adrien King

Online ESL Kidz Coach Required Degrees: Bachelor Degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Native English Speaker ONLY!
Details: Hello all! SayABC is now hiring ONLINE ENGLISH TEACHERS!
As one of the leading Chinese online education company, we help connect native English speaking
teachers based all over the world with children between ages 5 to 12 in China.
-You have to be a Native English Speaker: US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK, IRELAND, NEW
– You are certificated in TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or any other relevant certificates
-You have a bachelor degree or above (or you’re a final year student)
-You have a fast internet connection and audio/video capability
– Relevant teaching experience is preferred
Work from home and earn $15/40mins with 10 mins break in between.+ ($6 USD bonus after 9
consecutive homerooms classes with the same students.) =$21 USD/40 mins
Trial Class Sign Up $16 per converted student
Substitute Teacher/Take over Group Class bonus $7 per class
Group classes: 1:4 (1 Teacher to maximum of 4 students)
Age groups: 5-10 years
Reports: Every 3 days, take 5 mins
Booking: Open up slots, the company fills them.
Teachers teach the same four students for a minimum of three months at the same time three
times a week.
Monday – Saturday : 6:00pm-6:40pm; 6:50pm-7:30pm; 7:40pm-8:20pm; 8:30pm-9:10pm local time
Beijing. (ONLY)
SayABC supplies all teaching materials.

Examine all 5 ads by this employer

RAY English Recruitment Required Degrees: Degree+ TEFL/TESOL/CELTA
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp ,  
Details: We are RAY English and we provide native-speaking ESL/ Subject teachers with quality
teaching jobs in China.
If you are looking for a new position, then please email us your CV and we can send you
some information about our different positions and arrange an interview.
All of our positions are with schools that can demonstrate a proven track-record of teacher
care and development. Our service is free of charge to teachers.
RAY English Recruitment

Golden Staffing Required Degrees: Preferred for some
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , University , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camps ,  
Details: Let us prepare a place for you... 700+ jobs all over China, 14,000-40,000 RMB MONTHLY - Fantastic jobs, legal
visa, airport pick up, housing provided or stipend + so much more...
Hot jobs:
Job ID: LYN21
Teachers wanted for humanity courses (16K-24K RMB monthly) - 2 openings

Job Description:
1. Teach English Language Arts, Intensive Reading, Book Club and American History
2. Responsible for lesson planning as well as curriculum development
3. Help students reach their goal in learning English
4. Promote a good atmosphere during class
Benefit Package
1.16000 – 24000 RMB monthly, based on experience
2.Sponsored legal Z work visa
3. Health insurance
4.Free Chinese lessons every week
5.Airport pick-up upon arrival
During your interview, we will be happy to go into more details about the specifics...
Job requirements:
1. Native English speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland,
Australia, New Zealand or South Africa (To meet China work visa regulations)
2. Bachelor’s Degree or above and at least 2 years work experience
3. A passion for learning, teaching and meeting new people
4. Plan to live in China for at least 1 year
About us:
Based in Beijing, China. Our mission is to better prepare Chinese Secondary school
students to attend and succeed at American high schools or Universities by providing
them with a progressive and interactive, globally focused academic English curriculum.
Team members: Our Full time foreign teachers include two teachers from Oberlin
College, one teacher from UCLA and one from San Francisco State U. Our current book
club instructors include a Cornell PhD candidate in Art History, a research fellow for
Health Economics at Peking University, a Yenching Scholar of Peking University, and we
hope to add more members to our team.
Our curriculum:
English language arts is similar to the English classes in the US whose goal is to improve
student’s academic reading and academic writing abilities by teaching them important
skills such as critical thinking, inference and evidence collection.
The Intensive Reading Class guides students to read, understand, and analyze the
reading both during classroom discussion and in written homework. Classes are divided
by student reading level: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Each class is 8 weeks
long, unless otherwise stated. Class size ranges between 2 and 10 students. Students
will gain reading speed, an increased vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and a deeper
knowledge of text (both literature and language) analysis. The goal of the class is above
all to promote critical thinking, analytical skills, and understanding of the English
Language writing traditions through in-class discussion and written work.
Job ID: SU1102
Native ESL Teaching positions in Beijing
Primary school:
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.
Class size:35 students in the classroom.
Students age: 6-12 years old.
Job description: Plan the lessons and teach the students for basic works and sentence.
Encourage the students to speak better English.
Requirements: English native speakers with two year teaching experience after
TELF or TESOL for 120 hours.
Benefits: Salary 12,000- 18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
145$(1,000rmb)for visa .453$(3,000RMB)for air tickets after one year contract.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Training for teaching.
Job ID: SU1103
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 8am-5:30pm.
Class size:20 students in the classroom.
Students age: 3-5 years old.
Job conscription: Prepare the lessons and teach the kids oral English.
Requirements: English native speakers
Benefits: Salary 12,000- 18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Job ID: SU1104
Training school:
Location: near Sanyuanqiao station on line 10 in Beijing Guomao station on line1.
Schedule: Wednesday to Friday 1pm-9pm on the weekends from 11am-7pm. Less than
25 teaching hours a week..
Class size: one on one teaching or group class(less than 8 students).
Students age: Adults.
Benefits: Salary 12,000-18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays
Job ID: SU1105
Kindergarten Teaching positions in Changsha and Tianjin city.
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Class size: 20-30 students in the classroom.
Students age:3-5years old.
Requirements: English native speakers.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Free meals.
Training for teaching
Plus many more... Let us prepare a place for you...

Alo7 Required Degrees: BA, BS, or currently college student
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Children Education, secondary education, history,
Details: To Apply:
Please go to our website to apply online.
More details: please review our FAQ:
We are hiring for the Summer. You can work with us just for the summer or enjoy this
online opportunity for a much longer period.
Company Summary:
ALO7 is the largest digital ELT (English Language Teaching) product and solutions
provider in China with more than 10M registered users and more than 2,000 training
school partners. We are revolutionizing the way English is learned and taught throughout
China, from how schools are managed to how schools and homes are connected in the
mobile Internet age.
ALO7 was founded by Pengkai Pan, who holds a PHD from Media Lab of MIT. Its initial
angel investors include digital pioneer Professor Nicholas Negroponte, and several
international venture capital companies.
Job Descriptions:
We are hiring tutors / teachers who are native English speakers to tutor English online to
overseas students. Alo7 provides an online platform where you can work out of your own
home, combine your own tutoring / teaching skillsets with Alo7’s interactive curriculum to
tutor your students, and see their English level gradually improve with your help.
- English native speakers ( We only hiring teachers whose mother language is English
and who are native speakers from US, Canada, UK , Australia, New Zealand and
Ireland).  That means you were born and grew up in these countries.  You can live
anywhere in the world, but the association with these 6 countries as a native speaker is
a requirement at this point. We
may open up to South Africans in the future, but not at this point.
-Enrolled in 4 year College program or with a Bachelor’s Degree
- If not enrolled in 4 year college program or without a Bachelor’s Degree, we require an
Associate’s Degree and TESOL/EST certification. 
- Teaching / tutoring experience is preferred but not required.
- Enjoy teaching through digital media
- Friendly, sociable, dynamic, energetic, compassionate, patient and detail-oriented
- Enjoy working with children
Available time to tutor:
Peak Tutoring Hours
It is 6pm to 9pm Beijing Standard Time (GMT + 8)
All time below is US EST and you can make your own time Zone conversion
General rule: If you are in USA, most available hours are in the early morning
If you are in Asia, most available hours are at night
If you are in Europe, most available hours are in the middle of the day.
Monday ~ Sunday
6:00am to 9:00am US EST Daylight Saving time
5:00am to 8:00am US EST Normal Winter time.
Off Peak tutoring time beyond Peaking Tutoring time slots:
Monday ~ Sunday
4:00am to 5:00am US EST Normal Winter time.
5:00am to 6:00am US EST Daylight Saving time
Friday and Saturday
8:00pm to 8:00am (Friday and Saturday) Normal Winter time.
9:00pm to 9:00am EST (Friday and Saturday) DST
Flexibility and assurance of combination of Model A and Model B
Model A: Tutors can chose a block of time slots within the Peak tutoring time frame and
tutor as little as 6 hours per week and as many as 33 hours + per week. You face same
set of students for a certain time slot, for example, every Monday 7am to 7:30am, and
you will build bonding with them. The classes are booked by schools. It usually lasts 20
to 40 weeks. Model A provides steady classes for tutoring that sets us different from
other programs where parents drive the booking of tutor’s time and tutors have no control
of how many classes they teach each week.
Model B: In addition to the Peak Tutoring time, if you want to work more, you can open
more time slots, parents will have the opportunity to book classes with you.
All applicants will be recommended to tutor under Model A for minimum 6 hours per week
USD$7.5 per for a completed 25-minute class (Base pay) + Additional Service Fee (up
to 35%)
Bottom line it is: USD$15 to $22 / Hour.
Details of the additional Service Fee is in our FAQ:
Alo7’s Recruiting Process
• Application>Interview> Mock up Classes > On Board Depending on how fast each
applicant wants to move along, the hiring process can be as fast as two weeks after the
initial interview. All of the bookings of interviews are via online.
To Apply:
Please go to our website to apply online.
Thank you!!!

Horizon Recruitment Required Degrees: passport copies, photo,TESOL or degree preferred
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , University , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camps ,  Director of Studies
Details: Horizon Recruitment was founded in 2008. Since then, we have helped thousands of foreign
teachers relocate to China. We are highly experienced in this industry, and treat every prospective teacher with loyalty and honesty. We welcome you to try our services, and we are confident that you will be happy to work with us.

Skype us at lynn.horizon

DALIAN - Private Training School - Kindergarten (Ref #: LNDL-18) 
Salary: 20000 
Subject: English 
Workload: 20 hrsteaching + office hrs 
Start Date: 2017-12-15

SHENZHEN - Primary School (Ref #: BJ-12) 
Salary: 13000-17000 
Subject: English 
Workload: 20-25 classes 
Flight: 6600 
Accommodation: 3000 housing allowance 
Start Date: 2018-02-01

XUZHOU - Private International School (Ref #: JSXZ-09) 
Salary: 20000-22000RMB 
Subject: Chemistry 
Workload: 24 classes+16 office hrs 
Flight: 10000RMB 
Start Date: 2018-03-01

QUANZHOU - Public High School (Ref #: FJQZ-07) 
Salary: 15000 
Subject: English 
Workload: 20 classes 
Flight: round trip tickets 
Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment 
Start Date: 2018-08-20

DONGGUAN - Private International School (Ref #: GDDG-02) 
Salary: 14000-19000 after tax 
Subject: English 
Workload: 20hrs teaching+20 office hrs 
Flight: 8000 airfare housing 
Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment 
Start Date: Currently Hiring

DONGGUAN - Private Training School - Adults (Ref #: GDDG-05) 
Salary: 12000-17000 
Subject: English 
Workload: 25 hrs teaching+15 office hrs 
Flight: 6000 RMB 
Start Date: Currently Hiring

SHENZHEN - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: GDSZ-02) 
Salary: 15000-18000 RMB 
Subject: English 
Workload: 22 hrs teaching+8 office hrs 
Flight: Round Tikets 
Accommodation: Free housing 
Start Date: Currently Hiring

ZHENGZHOU - Private International School (Ref #: HNZZ-26) 
Salary: 14000-18000 
Subject: English 
Workload: Mon-Fri. 
Flight: round trip tickets 
Accommodation: Free housing 
Start Date: Currently Hiring

BEIJING - Private Training School - Kindergarten (Ref #: BJ-24) 
Salary: 11000-17000 
Subject: English 
Workload: 5 days a week 
Flight: round trip tickets 
Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment 
Start Date: Currently Hiring

NANNING - Public Primary School (Ref #: GXNN-06) 
Salary: 10000-15000 RMB 
Subject: English 
Workload: 15-20 teaching hours 
Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment 
Start Date: 2018-02-01

SHANGHAI - Private Training School - Kindergarten (Ref #: SH-26) 
Salary: 16000 
Subject: English 
Workload: Monday to Friday 
Flight: Round Trip Tickets 
Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment 
Start Date: 2018-03-01

Please email us your resume, highest degree, passport copy and current photo to apply for any jobs,

China Eslconsultant
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , University , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , German, Japanese , etc
Details: new job openings
recent open jobs for professionals :
1. High school in Chengdu City need ESL teacher for Feb 2018 start, one school year cotract, require native English speaker with 2 years teaching experience or more , teacher license salary is 16000-20000RMB per month+ fligt allownace+ rent allowance+other benefits.

2. Hangzhou TongLu- Jan/Feb 2018 Start Full Time Academic Teacher--economics, science, math
Position: Full Time IGCSE / AP / A-level Subject Teachers, as well as language teachers for IELTS and TOEFL
Working hours: Monday to Friday (8:30-16:30), and self-study duty once per week (18:30-20:30)
Competitive salary: 14,000-16,000RMB/Month (depending on qualifications and experience)
Additional benefits:
Sponsored residence permit and insurance;
Travel allowance: RMB 8,000 a year;
Housing allowance: RMB 2,000 a month or free accommodation on campus;
Computer allowance: RMB 1,000 RMB a year;
Contract renewal bonus: RMB 1,000 RMB or above;
Vacation with pay: 4 weeks a year upon contract renewal;

3. Wuhan city, high school Economics (AP and USPP) teacher wanted asap. MOn to Fri schedule. salary 16000-23000RMB before tax+2000RMB/M rent+2000RMB/M living allowance, require native, experience and qualified teacher for working visa, need History, math, ESL teacher for Feb/Sept

4. International school in Kunshan city, nearby Shanghai ,need licensed teacher for Kindergarten--ASAP and Feb, licensed Chemistry teacher Mon to Fri schedule. Salary is 20K to 24K, plus apartment, other benefits too. Native English speaker with teacher license, prefer with IB teaching experience,

5. Aug/Sept 2018 start job in international school in Beijing --high school AP math teacher, physics teacher, Science teacher, APEnglish teacher. primary school homeroom teacher wanted , pay is about 20K to 25K plus rent allowance 6000RMB/M plus other benefits

6. Aug/Sept 2018 job in high school in Nanning city and Guilin city, Guangxi province high school science, English teacher wanted, salary is 16K-18K plus free apartment

7. Aug/Sept 2018 start, Yiwu city, zhejiang province, 5 primary school ESL teacher, one middle/high school physics teacher, one middle/high school chemistry teacher, Slary is 14k to 18K + apartment + other benefits 5位

8. Feb/march 2018 start high school biology/chemsitry teacher wanted in Guiyang, math teacher wanted in Henan xinxiang, and salary is 15K to 20K after tax plus free apartment, z visa, 20 teacher hours, free on weekends, contract

9. 10K per month+free apartment, University in Henan zhengzhou xinzheng need ESL teachers, Feb/March 2018 start
teach conversational English, writing, reading, Feb/March 2018 start for one school year, 20
teaching classes per week maxiumum, no office hours, winter/summer vacation, free insurance, international flight allowance, z visa, require native Engish speakers with degree or above, able for working visa process.
10. kids training school in Shandong Rizhaocity, Shanxi Taiyuan, Guangdong zhongshan,Fujian xiamen, Heben Tangshan,Jiangsu Nanjing, Suzhou etc ASAP.
5 working days per week
• 20-25 teaching hours per week,
• Class size: 8-12 students
• 11k-20k,free accommodation or rent allowance native or near native with their own visa, similar jobs all over
jobs, you just need to name the cities you want to be
11. Vocational College in Lianyungang, jiangsu province ,need 2 English teachers for Feb/March 2018 start, one school year contract, 12-14 teaching classes per week, no office hours, free apartment and free utilites, holiday tour allowance 1500RMB per semester, salary 9000-10000RMB per month, international flight allowance 4500RMB per semester or reimiburse ticket, 20 mins by bus to downtown CBD require native English speakers which meet working visa,requirements
10 .Feb/MARCH 2018 university Business Position 2(One vacancy) --Wuxi city
BUS6003      Business Project (for the 1st half semester)
FIN3104      Canadian Securities Course I (for the 1st half semester)
MAN1113 Human Relations (for the 2nd half semester) 
FIN4104      Canadian Securities Course II (for the 2nd half semester)
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/ period)  
require master degree holder, with qualification and experience in biz teaching, meet the
requirement for working visa process. salary is 9500RMB per month, free private apartment + free
insurance + international flight allowance, z visa + paid vacation + applicants under 64 years old can apply
12. Biz lecture wanted University teaching job in Wuxi city, Sept 2018 start , Slary is 10000-18000RMB per month,+ free apartment, free on weekends, requrie master degree holder from USA, UK,NZ, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Singpore
13 .kindergarten in Qingdao/Ningbo/Beijing/Chengdu/Chongqing /Beijng etc city, ESL/homeroom teacher /PYP teach

English Canada Recruitment Required Degrees: TEFL Certificate or Diploma
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp , ESL and all other subjects
Details: We have many teaching positions in the biggest cities in South Korea, Busan, Daegu and
We are looking for a top notch candidates for the ESL teaching positions that we have in
South Korea, especially Busan, Daegu and Seoul metropolitan.
These are three most exciting cities in Korea. The people are warm, beaches are
awesome, sights are magnificent and shopping is amazing.
If you are interested in Busan, Daegu or Seoul positions
Please send your resume and photo.
1. Possible beginning date:
2. Date of Birth:
3. Preferred area: Busan, Daegu, Seoul
4. Documents:
a. TEFL Certificate or Diploma
b. Criminal Record check

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ESL Instructors Needed in China (Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou)

Up to 17500RMB monthly pay+5working days+ Medical Insurance + Flight
Posted By: Web International English Shanghai (WIES)
Company Background:
Web International English was established in 1998 with the aim of providing learners with
a better and more effective way of learning English. To do this we created a unique
Three-Stage Multi-Discipline Learning Method and combined it with one of the world’s
most advanced course-ware providers. Currently, Web is one of the largest leading
English training centers in China. With over 160 centers nationwide, Web train over
50,000 learners each year.
We are currently looking for enthusiastic and experienced ESL teachers in one of our
twenty locations in the greater Shanghai area. Most of our centers are located in the city
center. Only a few are on the fringes of the city (45 minutes from city center) though are
located near a Metro station.
Position Information:
• One year contract
• 5 working days per week
• Maximum 25 teaching hours per week
• 15 office hours
• Class size: 4-10 students (Ages: 18 and up )
• Pre-made lesson plans and training curriculum
Salary and Benefits:
• Competitive remuneration of 14,500 to 17,500RMB
• 6000RMB Annual Flight reimbursement
• Transportation Allowance
• 5 days paid holidays + 11 days National holidays
• Paid and sponsored Z visa plus Foreign Expert Certificate (FEC)
• Medical Insurance
• Arrival Assistance (Apartment search)
• 7 nights Hotel Accommodation upon arrival
• Airport pick-up
• Ongoing training and development workshops
• Career development opportunities
• Free Chinese lessons
Qualifications and Requirements:
• Native speaker of English from the following countries: (US, Canada, UK, Ireland,
Australia, New Zealand or South Africa)
• Bachelor’s degree or above
• At least two years solid classroom teaching experience.
• TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate (120 hours, TESOL Sponsorship available)
• 25 to 55 years of age
• Willing to work irregular hours (weeknights and weekends)
• Punctual, outgoing and enthusiastic work attitude
To apply for this position, please apply with the following documents:
• a Resume/CV with photo
• a copy of your passport (with photo page)
• a copy of TEFL/ TESOL/CELTA certificate
• a copy of your Bachelor degree
For more information:
We appreciate your interest in the position, though due to the high volume of
applications, only short-listed candidates will be notified. Thank

SeriousTEFL Certificate & Diploma, Your Gateway to Teaching Abroad


SeriousTEFL courses are the most technologically advanced online programs in the
industry and we were the first to offer the courses exclusively online.
Designed and implemented by experienced teachers whom have traveled and taught in
various countries, subjects and levels. Our programs practical applications aim directly
at the core of what is needed for you to become an effective ESL teacher. This is
accomplished by offering the initial know-how and confidence which is imperative for
teaching your very first class and continuously building from this platform throughout
your teaching career. Our modules and syllabus have been intensely scrutinized and
to ensure maximum coverage of all topics, techniques and strategies. Each module
covers all relatable material as well as instruct the student of the necessary tools in order
to teach effectively. Graduates that complete our course refer back to the lessons and
tips consistently when adding to their abilities and the overall classroom dynamic.
Our courses are accepted and endorsed by over 7,000 schools and educational
establishments worldwide via the International Alliance of Teachers and Employers


SWUFE Full-Time Physics/Math Teacher Wanted

SWUFE Full-Time Physics/Math Teacher Wanted -

300 positions (8000-28000) Free accommodation

300 positions (8000-28000) Free accommodation -

Immediate Opening - ESL Teacher


Teach Science or Maths at high schools in China

Teach Science or Maths at high schools in China -

ELTI - English Language Training Instructor

ELTI - English Language Training Instructor -

Exciting teaching opportunities

Exciting teaching opportunities -

Exceptional Teaching Opportunities

Exceptional Teaching Opportunities -

ESL/EFL Teachers AND Teacher Trainer

ESL/EFL Teachers AND Teacher Trainer -

Pre-school to university positions available!ASAP!


Dedicated English Teacher - Awesome Package!

Dedicated English Teacher - Awesome Package! -

High-paid Teacher jobs in Beijing - all Subjects

High-paid Teacher jobs in Beijing - all Subjects -

ESL Teacher Needed ASAP In Southern China

ESL Teacher Needed ASAP In Southern China -

Teach with a School You Care About

Teach with a School You Care About -

Native Speaker - Sekolah HighScope Indonesia

Native Speaker - Sekolah HighScope Indonesia -

Kindergarten & Elementary / Primary Teachers

Kindergarten & Elementary / Primary Teachers -

Teach in China: RAY English is here for you! China

Teach in China: RAY English is here for you! China -

Teach English in South West China, Zunyi


Urgent Hiring: Online English Tutors

Urgent Hiring: Online English Tutors -

(IB K-12) International School Positions

(IB K-12) International School Positions -

Gr.12 Math/Phy./Chem./Bus./English

Gr.12 Math/Phy./Chem./Bus./English -

English Teacher

English Teacher -

Office-Based English Teachers

Office-Based English Teachers -

Class Teacher

Class Teacher -

Teaching English in a Training Centre or School


English Language Teachers Needed

English Language Teachers Needed -

Online English Tutors for Kids

Online English Tutors for Kids -

ELS Teachers

ELS Teachers -

High School English , History Teacher

High School English ,  History Teacher -