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High School - English Teacher

(Iraq, Erbil)

Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL ,  Curriculum Developer ,  Pearson
Salary: Negotiable

Details: British international schools in Erbil is seeking for an English teacher who has a Bachelor or master in English literature with minimum of 3 years of teaching experience Job Overview: To plan, develop and deliver high quality lessons and courses within the
broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated subject British Curriculum -IGCSE, AS, AND
A LEVEL, using a variety of approaches, to continually enhance learning and teaching.
Responsibilities and Duties:
 Teach English, utilizing the course of study adopted by the Board of Education, correlated
with other appropriate learning activities.
 Develop lesson plans, adapt curriculum to meet individual student needs, and utilize effective
teaching techniques in translating lesson plans into productive student learning experiences
which best utilize the time available for instruction.
 Utilize computers and other technological classroom support equipment in student
 Control the storage and use of district owned property; make minor adjustments and request
repairs as required.
 Maintain classroom organization and discipline.
 Establish and maintain standards of student behavior needed to achieve a functional learning
 Provide and maintain a safe and supervised environment in the classroom and on the school
 Devise and utilize techniques which accurately measure student progress.
 Evaluate student’s academic and personal growth keeping appropriate records, and prepare
progress reports.
 Communicate with parents through conferences and other means discussing academic and
personal progress; interpret school programs.
 Communicate and cooperate with other professional staff in academic and personal growth
 Demonstrate professional ethics as outlined by the Utah Professional Practices Advisory
 Conform to District policies, including attendance, absences and evaluations.
 Attendance must be adequate to acceptably perform listed job functions.
 Bachelor’s degree and teaching licenses in related field is required.
 Teaching certification and background check
 Previous experience in high school environment
 Oral and written communication skills
 Minimum of two years’ teaching experience
 Experience in a wide variety of educational techniques to instruct effectively
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