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COLAT / Leap Innovation International Program

(South Korea, Jinju)
Required Degrees:Bachelors degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL ,  Elementary ,  ESL to Children ,  Korean, Language Arts
Salary: ₩2,800,000 KRW

Details: COLAT is an independently owned and operated education platform company in Jinju. Leap Innovation International Program (LIIP) is COLAT’s all-day international school program.
LIIP cultivates students’ collaboration, citizenship, and creativity. Our philosophy is that the teachers’ role should be as demonstrators, facilitators, and delegators. In these roles, teachers coach and guide students through activities; monitor and feedback on group learning experiences; and reinforce best practices as much as good character.
Three (3) positions
★ Korean language teacher (bachelor of Korean language or literature; or licensed to teach Korean)
★ ESL teacher (bachelors of linguistics, education; or 5-10+ years experience teaching ESL)
★ Language arts teacher (bachelor of education, english, or TESL)
Base salary 2.4 million won; 100,000 won given for each one of the following:
▪︎ previous school experience;
▪︎ previous homeroom teacher experience;
▪︎ bachelor degree in education; master degree in education, linguistics, English, or subject field such as mathematics;
▪︎ teaching license
LIIP job details
‣ Monday to Friday
‣ 8:00am to 5:00pm
‣ maximum 30 class hours a week; maximum 6 class hours a day; each class hour is 40 minutes
‣ maximum 8 students per class
‣ 3-week summer & winter STEAM camps
LIIP benefits
‣ free housing (studio or loft for single teachers; examples of housing; housing is ‣ close to work); or stipend
‣ severance pay upon completion of a 12-month contract
‣ national pension, health insurance payments split 50/50 between COLAT and the teacher
‣ contract period: one year; option to renew
‣ 25,000 won per hour overtime
‣ 20 days paid vacation; 10 days in the summer, 10 days in the winter
‣ all national holidays off
‣ supervisors speak English
‣ well-structured, well-supported, well-managed
COLAT is located in Innovation City—everything is less than 10 years old
additional information about Jinju in our prospectus linked to this advertisement
COLAT has 20 foreign teachers
・ 24 to 67 years old
・ teaching experience 0 to 20+ years
・ 9 work for LIIP
・ 11 work for other parts of COLAT
・ from Canada (3), Costa Rica (1), New Zealand (3), South Africa (4), Taiwan (1), the UK (1), and the US (7)
To be eligible for an interview, you must have in your possession
➤ a bachelor’s degree from one of the ”7” countries (see below) with an apostille;
➤ a criminal background check (CBC) with an apostille;
➤ a passport with at least six months of validity.
Candidates in Korea are preferred; however COLAT will hire the right candidate from outside Korea if necessary.
For candidates requiring E2 visa sponsorship: COLAT is only legally allowed to provide work visas for teachers from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and the United States. Resumes from other countries cannot be considered due to South Korean immigration laws.
☞ Candidates from additional countries will only be considered if they possess an F2, F4, F5, or F6 visa.
Send your cover letter, CV, and first day of availability to COLAT

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