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English Language Assessment Consultant

(China, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangzhou)
Required Degrees: Refer to the advert
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL ,  High School ,  University ,  Please refer to the advert.
Salary: Negotiable

Details: Pay Band: c. 300,000-420,000RMB p/a** | Locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing | Start date: August (for active examiners) | September, October or November (for applicants who are not active examiners) | Department: Exams China | Contract type: Full Time | Duration: 1-year Fixed Term (Renewable)
* Unfortunately, due to Chinese visa regulations, female candidates aged 55-65 and male candidates aged 60-65 can only be considered for employment in Shanghai. Visa applications of successful applicants in these age brackets may be rejected by the Chinese authorities. Applicants over the age of 65 may not be considered due to Chinese Labour Law restrictions.
** predicted based on historical data
Role Purpose:
From home in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Chongqing, to conduct interviews and carry out assessments for the IELTS Speaking module, maintaining the standards required by the IELTS Professional Support Network (PSN) and the British Council. This role may at times require some face-to-face testing though this is expected to be extremely rare.
Role context:
The British Council delivers IELTS tests to candidates in more than 40 cities throughout China. Our exams work is managed in China through our subsidiary, BC Education Consulting (Beijing) Company Limited. 
IELTS examiners in China are based in one of our four regional offices and reside in either Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Chongqing. 
Examiners are part of the wider British Council network and, as demand for high-quality language assessment grows in the region, the role provides an opportunity for those interested in building a career in the area of language assessment.
Examiners deliver IELTS Speaking tests to candidates mainly from around China and occasionally from overseas. An Examiner’s principal duties are to deliver speaking tests and take on second marking tasks. A high standard of professionalism and reliability is required; to this end, examiners are managed under the British Council Performance Management framework and the IELTS Professional Support Network (PSN) framework. There are opportunities for suitably qualified and experienced examiners to apply for other senior positions as vacancies arise.
Work from home in one of China’s cosmopolitan metropolises: Beijing; Shanghai; Guangzhou; Chongqing
Flexible working:
In addition to 6 fixed ‘core’ days each month, choose which days you would like to make yourself available for work
The IELTS examiner package in China is based on a ‘core + top-up’ model. There are two components to the package: a core number of days’ work in exchange for a basic salary and a ‘top-up’ component that allows for flexibility in terms of schedule and the opportunity to increase earnings further. The top-up component is paid on a piece-rate basis, allowing examiners to have more control over their time and income. Across most months in the year, top-up earnings represent the bulk of examiner income. Core days are scheduled in advance and are based on operational requirements. Examiners are then able to make themselves available for top-up work on other days during that month.
There is seasonal fluctuation, and examiners are usually very busy during months where demand is high while having more free time at other times. The Examiner Administration teams provide information about likely fluctuations in work opportunities so that examiners can plan annual leave accordingly.
Top-up Day Piece Rates
Speaking Exam interviews CNY 127 per interview
(usually an examiner conducts a maximum of 20 interviews per day)
Speaking Exam second marking CNY 88 per interview
(amounts of work are variable)
Leave entitlements:
1 month (6 core days) paid annual leave per year
2 paid professional development core days per year
Paid sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, marriage leave and compassionate leave
A comprehensive private medical insurance package
Social insurance and pension contributions
Professional Development:
Access to a wide range of learning and development resources, including opportunities for support with funding
Transferrable Skills:
IELTS Speaking Examiners are employed in the majority of countries globally
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