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Primary Classroom Teachers Wanted

(Bahrain, Sitra)

Fields of Expertise: Elementary ,  Special education qualifications
Salary: Negotiable
Alia Primary School

Details: In addition to the salary/Housing Package:
• The school shall provide standard insurance as per the labor law in Bahrain through The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).
• The employee is entitled to 40 days annual leave per year. The dates shall be in accordance to the school calendar summer vacation.
• The school shall provide one round trip airticket per contract term. Contract Term: Two years.
Title: Classroom Teacher
AN Classification: Support
Reports To: Alia for Early Intervention Services Program Coordinator
This job description may be amended at any time following discussion between the Head teacher/Team Leader and member of staff, and will be reviewed annually.
Areas of responsibility and key tasks:
A Planning
Plan teaching to achieve progression in pupils’ learning through:
• identifying clear teaching and learning objectives and specifying how they will be taught and assessed
• setting tasks, including homework, which challenge pupils and ensure a high level of interest
• setting appropriate and demanding expectations for pupils’ learning, motivation and presentation of work
• setting clear targets building on prior attainment
• identifying the needs of individuals and groups within the class, taking note of individual education plans and the requirements of the Code of Practice
• making effective use of assessment information when planning lessons
• planning opportunities to contribute to pupils’ literacy and numeracy, and to their personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
• the use of Teaching Assistant time as appropriate.
B Teaching and Class Management
• establish and maintain a safe environment and purposeful working atmosphere which supports learning and in which pupils feel secure and confident
• set high expectations for pupils’ behavior, establishing and maintaining a good standard of discipline through well-focused teaching and through positive and productive relationships
• provide clear structures for lessons maintaining pace, motivation and challenge
• use a variety of teaching methods to:
(i) structure information well, including outlining content and aims and summarizing key points as the lesson progresses
(ii) Instruct, demonstrate and give accurate, well paced explanations using appropriate vocabulary
(iii) Use effective questioning, listen carefully to pupils, give attention to errors and misconceptions
• select appropriate learning resources and develop study skills through library, ICT and other sources
• ensure pupils acquire and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to the subject taught
• critically evaluate teaching to improve effectiveness
C Monitoring, assessment, recording, reporting - to:
• assess how well learning objectives have been achieved and use them to improve specific aspects of teaching
• mark and monitor pupils’ work and set targets for progress
• assess and record pupils’ progress systematically and keep records to check work is understood and completed, monitor strengths and weaknesses, inform planning and recognize the level at which the pupil is achieving
• prepare and present informative reports to parents
D Other professional requirements – to:
• have a working knowledge of teachers’ professional duties and legal liabilities
• operate at all times within the stated policies and practices of the school
• establish effective working relationships and set a good example through their presentation and personal and professional conduct
• endeavor to give every child the opportunity to reach their potential and meet high expectations
• contribute to the life of the school through effective participation in meetings and management systems necessary to co-ordinate the management of the school
• take responsibility for their own professional development and duties in relation to school policies and practices
• liaise effectively with parents and governors as necessary
• in addition to carry out other duties as reasonably required by the Head teacher.
Addition Duties as a SPED Classroom Tutor:
The work of an SEN teacher is often challenging and varied and may involve:
 teaching either individuals or small groups of pupils within or outside the class;
 preparing lessons and resources;
 marking and assessing work;
 developing and adapting conventional teaching methods to meet the individual needs of pupils;
 using special equipment and facilities, such as audio-visual materials and computers, to stimulate interest in learning;
 using specialist skills, such as teaching Braille to pupils with visual impairments or sign language.
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