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(China, Guangzhou)

Aipusen English Training Institute Required Degrees: Bachelors Degree(from an English-speaking country)
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: Job Title: Primary, Middle, High School ESL Teachers
Vacancy: 10 positions
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL, Elementary, ESL to Children, Middle School, High School
Monthly Salary: 11,000 - 13,000+ CNY (negotiable based on experience)
Certification: MUST have a University Degree and ESL Certificate - Z Visa
Other details: 11,000 - 13,000RMB for 25 teaching hrs max., 5-days wk
Monday – Friday schedule + free western style shared 2 Bdrm Apt. + year end bonus
(7000-10,000RMB) + paid national holidays (inc 1 wk for CNY) + 5 paid sick days + 3-4
week break during Chinese New Year/Summer to travel in SE Asia!
Currently we are looking for kindergarten, primary, middle and high school ESL Teachers
for the 2016/17 school year. The 1-year work period will commence on August 25, 2017
and run until early July 2018.
Aipusen employs 17 foreign teachers in our central office in Guangzhou.
Below is a brief description of what we are all about and what we offer.
What we do: 
We work within the local kindergarten, primary, middle and high school systems in the
city of Guangzhou.  Currently we work primarily with one primary/middle school and one
high school.  In addition, we have our own training centre where students will come to
study our specialized ESL programs.  As we work primarily with local schools, we work a
Monday to Friday teaching schedule. 
We incorporate our ESL programs into the curriculum of these schools, so as a teacher
with us you will get a chance to work in the local school system and teach a variety of
different levels from grade 1 through grade 12. We also have a large head office where
all our teaching resources and office staff are located. The head office is where all our
curriculum development is done as well as a place where teachers come to do
collaborative lesson planning, meet with other teachers, develop teaching materials, etc.
The office is open to our teachers all the time and is equipped with all the teaching
materials and resources needed (i.e. computers, internet, photocopying machines,
laminating machines, etc.) to prepare for lessons. 
Teachers also meet at our head office weekly to collaboratively plan lessons, discuss
how their classes are progressing, share ideas with other teachers and keep up to date
with company events and outings. 
What we teach: 
Our curriculum is fun and exciting.  It utilizes the TPR (total physical response) approach
to teaching. We use a lot of songs and games in our classes and really promote the idea
that kids learn by having fun. Our curriculum is very structured and easy to teach. Most of
our students are given workbooks, activity books and cassette tapes/CDs/DVDs.
Teachers are given teachers books, lesson plans, picture cards and word cards for each
We also have a series of master lesson plans written for all our units from kindergarten
through to middle school and high school, which provides a good framework for our
teachers to work from. There is however, a lot of room for creativity in our curriculum so
although the content is set, how you present it as a teacher is largely up to you. In
addition, we have modernized most of our classrooms so teachers now have use of AV
equipment from computers to TV screens/DVD’s etc. 
All of our teachers are also assigned a bilingual teaching assistant that will work with you
in all your classes. They are great at helping control the classes while you teach, as well
as helping out with any translation that you might need during class when introducing
new vocabulary. 
What an average workweek consists of:
Teachers will work 5 days a week with the weekend off. Teachers generally teach an
average of 3-6 classes a day. Classes range in size and length anywhere from 15-40
students (with most classes being around 20-25 students) to 30-60min (most classes are
40 min in length). Your schedule will be the same every week so you will start with a set
schedule and students and you should finish the year with these same students. This
way you can develop a good rapport with your students and schools.
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