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ESl EFL Teacher needed for kids:)

(Poland, Wrocław (Radwanice))
Must have a legal working status for Poland to apply!

Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL ,  ESL to Children ,   
Salary: €1,500 EUR
Effective English


MONTHLY SALARY OF UP TO 6,540zł GROSS (up to 20h of lessons per week)

Do you….
· love working with kids and can easily engage with them
· have at least 2-year experience teaching kids and teens
· have loads of positive energy that you pass onto everybody around you
· love changes and thrive in a dynamic environment where each day is different
· love learning new things and strive to become a better person every day

Are you….
· A native speaker of English
· a warm, friendly and empathetic person who loves to help other people
· A night owl who prefers working in the afternoon and evening
· Ok with the fact that the school is located in Radwanice, 8km away from city centre and you will have to commute
Were all your answers positive?

Chances are we are looking for you😊

We believe that great and passionate teachers have a huge positive impact on kids and their future.

Would you also like to be part of that?

Before you answer, we want to be clear with one thing: if you are looking for a side hussle just to get some extra cash, then think twice. We have very high expectations towards ourselves and everybody who joins our team. Educating children requires a lot of effort and committment on teacher’s side. If you know that you will not be able to offer that – stop reading.

A few words about Effective English…

We decided to open Effective English School because we believe that high quality education is key for kids success. Our mission is to empower children to use English with confidence so they never have to lower their expectations just because they cannot speak English. The quote that we always have at the back of our heads when we teach is: „tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. We are always on the search for new ways of engaging kids so they achieve amazing results.
Mira Laskowska, the founder of Effective English, has been teaching kids for almost two decades. This gave her a great expertise in education which she loves to share with teachers that join the team. She has been very successful in delivering the promise of Effective English education. Many of her students (some of them still continue their journey with Effective English) already got a very good command of English even though they are still in elementary school!

What kind of team are we?

Passionate, goal driven with loads of positive energy. We treat one another like family members because we believe that great atmosphere at work influences our mindset and growth in a beneficial way.

What will be your responsibilties?
Your job will be to teach English during 60-minute lessons according to our motto: ‘involve kids and they will learn’. Of course, we will provide appropriate training to help you do that. You will read books with kids, sing songs, dance, act, play with kids and do different projects that we will plan for together. The groups are rather small, 5-6 kids which will help you to focus on individual needs of the students. Most lessons will be scheduled for afternoon and evening and all of them will be carried out in Radwanice, a calm village just 8 km away from Wrocław city centre.

We teach differently. What does it mean?
There are no coursebooks and no tests. Instead we want to involve kids in art and crafts projects, drama, cooking workshops and plenty of games. Kids will be immersed in English throughout the whole lesson in which case the focus of the lesson will not be English but the project or a song or a book. Students will acquire English as a side effect of whatever we do in the classroom, because each activity will require communication😊

What do we offer?
· Job that you will sincerely be proud of, where you will have a chance to make an actual impact on kids and their future
· Friendly atmosphere at work with everybody super helpful where you will feel worthy and important
· Salary of up to 6,540zł per month for 20 hours of lessons per week
· Type of contract: contract of mandate
· Lessons during the week as well as weekend workshops once a month
· Full training and support
· Access to our lesson plans and a wide range of ready made materials for lessons

Apply if you meet all of the criteria below:
· You replied ‘yes’ to all the questions that we asked at the top
· You are able to fully commit to this job
· You want to grow together with the school
· Proactivity is your second name

Do you want to apply?

If you are convinced that it is you we are looking for then, please:
· Using a voice recorder record your answers to the questions below:
1) Why do you want to teach English to kids?
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Create education for all

✅ Create interactive lessons in minutes
✅ Content can be reused and customised
✅ Marking is automated
✅ Thousands of ready-to-use materials

✅ 16 powerful tools
Create all types of educational content with our toolbox.

✅ Progress Tracking
Monitor your students’ progress effortlessly as every action is recorded and exercises are checked automatically.

✅ AI Assistant
Our AI Assistant can create stories, articles, example sentences with target vocabulary, dialogues, or questions.

✅ Self-Paced Lessons
Create a series of exercises that students can complete step by step. Students will need to finish all tasks before they can uncover the next stage.

✅ Trusted by more than 10,000 educators and students.
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Wanted: psychology, computer, math, English, physics, biology, science, English

Ⅰ. Who We Are
Beijing Royal School (BRS) is affiliated with Beijing Fazheng International Education, which serves as the umbrella company for Chengdu Royal School, Dalian Royal School (also known as Jia Hui Education Group), Yuncheng Royal School, Sanya City College and other educational institutions.

Established in 1996, BRS has emerged as one of the premier international schools in China offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, encompassing the Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP). In addition to the IB curriculum, BRS is authorized to provide A-Level, A-S and IGCSE, OSSD, Pre-AP, and AP courses. In February 2021, BRS achieved full accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for a six-year term, a recognition granted by the Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS).

Ⅱ. Positions Available
ⅰ. Senior High School
- Psychology teacher
- Computer teacher

Ⅲ. Job Description
ⅰ. Working Hours: 8 hours per day, Monday to Friday.
ⅱ. Teaching Hours: 22 teaching periods per week.
ⅲ. Prepare lesson plans according to the school requirements, have flexible and diverse teaching methods, and can efficiently complete the teaching tasks.

Ⅲ. Job Description for HS A-Level Psychology Teacher
- Plan and teach lessons following A-level, AP or school-designed curricula that differentiate for individual student needs
- Use a wide range of technologies and creative teaching styles.
- Plan with colleagues to deliver effective team teaching when possible.
- Develop assessment tasks following the guidelines and use a wide range of formative assessment tools.
- Supervise extended essays.
- Attend regular curriculum planning and student progress meetings.
- Work closely with the Coordinator to develop concurrency of learning across the senior high.
- Demonstrate a genuine, active interest in on-going professional development, including through participation in professional learning groups in the school, and contribute to Professional Development Programme by sharing recent research or teaching experience.
- Keep up-to-date records of attendance, curriculum, assessment tasks and assessment data.
- Prepare student reports and references, and other reports as required.
- Keep parents informed about student progress.

Ⅲ. Job Description for HS Computer teacher
- Teach AP, A-Level, OSSD or other assigned computer courses.
- Other work as assigned by the Teaching and Research Group.

Ⅳ. Job Requirements
ⅰ. Bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in Education or the applied teaching position related.
ⅱ. Registered teaching credentials, PGCE, CELTA, or DELTA preferred.
ⅲ. More than two years teaching experience required.
ⅳ. High level of English proficiency required.

Ⅴ. Compensation& Benefits
ⅰ. Monthly salary before tax:
-Teaching position: RMB 25,000 - 40,000
ⅱ. Full payment for winter and summer vacations
ⅲ. Two-year employment contract bonus (approx. one month’s salary before tax)
ⅳ. Free shared apartment or Housing allowance of RMB5,000
ⅴ. Reimbursement for annual round trip flights maximum USD 2,000 (Beijing - home country)
ⅵ. Reimbursement for relocation fee of maximum RMB 2,000
ⅶ. Medical insurance
ⅷ. Teaching training provided
ⅸ. Free tuition up to two children in bilingual teaching environment
ⅹ. Free Chinese lessons

Ⅵ. How to Apply
Please state your Name + Nationality + Intended Position + Salary Expectation in the Email Subject Line.
Please attach your CV, a self-intro video, and photocopies of your passport, reference letter, degree and teaching related certificates. Work Permit and Residence Permit are also required for candidates who are currently working in China.
Please write a brief cover letter in the content stating your convenient time for potential face-to-face interview, or WeChat/ Skype ID for online interview.

Ⅶ. Contact Information
Joy Yu
HR Department
Beijing Royal School
Email: [email protected]
Skype: 0086-(010)80789610
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SeriousTEFL with Exclusive Jobs for Our Graduates

SeriousTEFL distinguishes itself through several key features. First, it offers exclusive job opportunities for its 120-hour Diploma graduates. These graduates gain access to a network of employers and recruiters offering teaching positions in over 150 countries. Second, SeriousTEFL boasts a substantial community of 48,000 graduates, highlighting its extensive reach and alumni network.
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